1. Stein, Nancy L.

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As a BSN student, I'm a fairly new subscriber to your journal. Until recently I've been very pleased with AJN, which is informative and always interesting. Then I read "RN and Sex Expert" (Nurses Making a Difference, April), about Sue Johanson. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. This is not the type of person on whom I want to model my nursing career. She admits to being a thief and shamelessly informs the reader that she escorted a girl to another state to have an abortion. Is this the type of difference we want to see made in nursing? On top of all this, she is obsessed with a topic that is certainly talked about enough in this country already. Surely Florence Nightingale is rolling in her grave. Why not feature a nurse that any student would be proud to emulate?


Nancy L. Stein