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At SAS(R) we care about the health of your feet. Our shoes have become the popular choice for people with foot problems. They are crafted on lasts specifically designed by our own shoemakers and come in many sizes and widths.


The Selfset(R) Foot Bed is flat only until you wear it. Soon it will start taking the shape of your foot, creating your own custom footprint for excellent fit and comfort. We take good care to shape the bottoms of our shoes and sandals for the comfort and support of the major, minor, and metatarsal arches.


For more information, contact:


The Foot Care Center


SAS(R) Shoemakers


1717 SAS Drive


San Antonio, TX 78224


(210) 924-6561



The Nurse Diane(tm) patient education system is designed to work with nurses in meeting the JCAHO patient education standards for the hospital. It will not only take over many time-consuming repetitive teaching tasks normally done by nurses, but it will do much of the paperwork required by JCAHO.


Nurse Diane is a portable networked multimedia touch screen computer that uses video, audio, and graphics to teach the patient and family how to care for the patient after discharge. It teaches in English or Spanish at a 5th grade reading level and produces printouts and a videotape for the patient to take home. As it teaches in a friendly and inviting way, it also tests for understanding and informs the nurses what topics they may need to teach the patient personally.


Patients will meet Nurse Diane and will receive instruction at several points in the continuum of care. During preadmission testing or admissions, after the nurses have selected the course of instruction, Nurse Diane will assess barriers to learning, discharge planning issues, and privacy issues. Patients will learn about preparing for their hospital visit, their rights and responsibilities and about four JCAHO-required instructional topics (safe use of medicine, food-drug interactions, personal hygiene, and community resources).


Later, while waiting in examination rooms, recovery areas, or hospital rooms, Nurse Diane will teach patients specific information about medications, use of medical devices, rehab techniques, and other care instructions. Nurse Diane will also administer a Patient Satisfaction Survey to aid with quality improvement efforts. Documents will be prepared for the patient's chart or files will be sent to the electronic patient record. In the waiting rooms, family members and caregivers will be taught required care information, if permitted by the patient. Printouts of instructions will be provided.


Because all the Nurse Diane units are networked, patients will not have to repeat any previous topics, and nurses will not have to duplicate any data inputs. Nurse Diane will retain information about the instruction and the patient's comprehension of the topics, in case it is needed to defend the hospital's preparation of the patient for discharge. Reports of patient and family education will be prepared for JCAHO, administration, and the hospital staff. In addition to Nurse Diane Patient Educator, PEP is introducing the Train-Me-Now Program for Staff Education.


Subject areas include:


* Emergency responses


* Life safety


* Security


* Hazardous materials and waste management


* Utilities


* Risk management (reporting, systems entry, incident reports, etc.)


* Medical equipment



Train-Me-Now does all of the teaching, testing, and documentation for staff education that is required under JCAHO guidelines. The hospital may tailor the program to any specifics.


For more information, contact:


Wayne Whitlock


Patient Education Programs, LLC


905 N. Sheppard St.


Richmond, VA 23221


(804) 359-1270


Call for Manuscripts

The Journal for Nurses in Staff Development (JNSD) is written by and for staff development specialists. Original articles focus on issues that influence staff development. JNSD is looking for manuscripts on the following topics:


* Infectious diseases


* Nutritional support


* Long-term care


* End-of-life care


* Trends in nursing


* Geriatric and pediatric nursing


* Ambulatory care


* Nursing interventions


* Women's health


* New methods of cost effectiveness


* Computer technology


* Career development


* Benchmarking


* Effective management


* Best practices


* Improving quality of care


* Program development



The journal also is looking for the "how tos'' of staff development for novice staff development educators. These stories describe personal experiences from which others can learn-what to do and what not to do!


For assistance in developing an idea or writing a manuscript, contact the Editor, Belinda Puetz, at 7794 Grow Drive, Pensacola, FL 32514, (850) 484-9987, fax (850) 484-8762, or e-mail: We're eager to hear from you!