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Comfort Personal Cleansing Warmer. These electric warming units have been completely redesigned for easy, consistent preparation of prepackaged, disposable patient cleansing products. Comfort Personal Cleansing Warmers automatically display the individual warming status of every product inside, eliminating confusion and guesswork for clinicians. Each product is warmed to a consistent, reliable temperature, with lighted indicators that automatically show which products are ready for use. The front-loading units have see-through doors that make it easy to check stock and warming status, even from a distance. The new units promote efficient, first-in/first-out stock rotation. When a product has been in the warmer for an extended period, its flashing green "Take First" indicator lights up.



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Comfort Personal Cleansing Warmers, in 14- and 28-count commercial-grade units, are available to facilities with a committed contract for Comfort Personal Cleansing bath, hair, and/or incontinence care products.


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TRISEPTIN Waterless Surgical Scrub. Completing HEALTHPOINT's brushfree scrub line, this alcohol-based scrub can be used without water and scrub brush. TRISEPTIN Waterless is based on Trizenal technology, which has a fast-acting, alcohol active; a long-lasting preservative; and a surfactant that assists in the removal of dirt and organic debris. All 3 elements are combined in an emollient-rich formula to help maintain skin integrity. The brushfree scrub line also includes HEALTHPOINT's preoperative asepsis product, TRISEPTIN Water-Aided, the first brushfree alcohol surgical scrub in the US market.



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