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I am a case manager and educator for patients who have undergone total joint replacement. I always tell my patients to call me if I can be of assistance. I explain, "I may not know all the answers, but I know who to call." I do not hesitate to call Sue, the cardiac case manager, when one of my patients has problems. I might call Flora, Deb, Cheryl, and the other therapists to problem solve with me when we are discharge planning. I have been doing the "joints" for approximately 15 years and love these patients. I have often said, "I have painted myself in a corner, but I like it here!" Healthcare is moving at an alarming rate, and the information that is inundating us is overwhelming. You cannot know it all. I personally am one of the best "walker-orderers" in the system, and I get calls from colleagues who need to know the best places to call. We are an interconnected team.


In preparation for the Orthopaedic Nursing journal editorial board meeting, I was looking at the wish list of topics that Mary Rodts and her team have for future Orthopaedic Nursing articles. In addition, as I prepared for Congress and was looking at the topics requested for speakers, the variety was astounding. I love to teach and talk about total joints, nursing, and orthopaedic nursing in particular. That is where my passion is, it's in my bones! It is fun and exciting to share those things with patients, nurses, and other professionals.


What do you have a passion for? Who do you call when you need specific information? Where is the passion in your bones? We need to share information. We need to get the information we need in doses we can handle and use. We cannot know everything, so we must rely on other experts to be the resource. Who are the experts you go to with the passion for what they do? The person who reads all the studies has had lots of experience and learned from failure and success. The person you call because he or she will know the answer and be happy to share it with you. Is that person you?


We need to share-we need authors and speakers. Ask the passionate expert to share with all of us! Orthopaedics crosses all of healthcare. Who is the cardiac nurse in your area who knows and loves it? Who is the trauma, psychiatric, hospice, or _____ (please fill in the blank) nurse you go to who knows and loves her field? Ask her to speak at Congress! Ask him or her to write for the journal! We need his or her information. The editors of the journal will assist new writers to get the article written. My friend Marilynn is doing some research for a local presentation on military nursing. She shared with me that she was rereading the letters she wrote to her mom during her time in the service and cannot believe what they did! Knowing that Marilynn has written nursing texts, I suggested she look at writing an article and share some of her experiences with us "young" nurses. (Marilynn is a terrific nurse and advocate at 80, and she is the current president for the local chapter of the Colorado Nurses Association.)


The Congress education committee will assist speakers in polishing a topic. Look outside nursing, too! I have approached Maureen, the pharmacist on our osteoporosis prevention team about writing for the journal. Teachers know how to overcome the barriers to learning. Social workers have wonderful information on creative solutions used with problem patients. Physical therapists look at orthopaedic injuries with a different focus. Occupational therapists can do more things in a bathroom than I can believe. We are a team! Ask the person with passion to share his or her passion with us in orthopaedics. We all benefit!