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It is April, and as I sit here in my office thinking about what my editorial should be about, I hear MSNBC reporting more wounded being evacuated from the front lines. I have been glued to the television since the war began some weeks ago. In part because I am astounded by sights I never thought I would see, and, in part, because I cannot help but think about trying to figure out something to do for the people involved in this desperate situation.


I have had many thoughts about volunteer efforts that could be developed but also hear that the government does not want anymore "stuff" sent over to the war zone. "Not even crayons or stuffed animals for some frightened children?" I ask. We have all seen their faces. It just seems like we could be doing something for them. We can write checks, and that is probably what I will do, but I so much want to do more. I want to wrap up hugs and love and say, "It will be better someday." I have this need to do something.


Then a thought stirs me. Hundreds of nurses have left their homes and families to respond to the orders that they have received. They are there, some near the front lines, some on ships, and some in hospitals in the Persian Gulf, Europe, and the United States. These nurses have been called to care for the wounded and the sick. The medical community is just one part of the huge response to this crisis.


Whether one thinks the war is the right thing or the wrong thing, there can be no possible way in the world that we should not support, congratulate, and praise the nurses who have put their lives on hold to help others. As in any war, nurses have been there to provide the necessary care and compassion to all those involved in the war effort. The nurses are there to help those who need help the most. They offer their skills to save lives and risk their own.


As we sit here in the United States, in our comfortable homes, let us not forget our colleagues who are working to support and care for the troops who are engaged in the war and recovery effort. Remember our military nurses who are standing tall for all of us. While I stand by and wait for direction of where I can be of some help, I have decided to speak loudly in support of our military nurses. They have made me proud.