1. Deutsch, Judith E. PT, PhD

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During October of 2006 the Editorial Board of JNPT met to create the journal's strategic plan for 2007-2011. In preparation for the meeting we surveyed the readers to learn about their current use of the journal and wishes for its growth. Armed with this information and the Editorial Board member's ideas and plans we participated in a two day process facilitated by Jody Gandy. First, we learned a bit about each other through a color quiz. Second, we performed a SWOT analysis in which we identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to JNPT. Then we discussed, wrote and edited for hours. Finally, we emerged a bit haggard but with an evolving plan, which we shared with reviewers and refined. In this Editor's Note I will communicate with you the new vision and mission statements as well as the goals for JNPT.


A strategic plan is a living document that requires action and refinement. The Editorial Board will meet annually to ensure the implantation of the plan. Authors, readers and reviewers are invited to comment and contribute to achieving the mission, vision and goals of the journal.



JNPT is the primary peer reviewed resource for advancing neurologic physical therapy practice through the dissemination of definitive evidence, translation of clinically relevant knowledge, and integration of theory into education, practice and research.



JNPT will be the premier international journal advancing the science and practice of neurologic physical therapy.




1. Revise the administrative infrastructure of JNPT to optimize quality and efficiency


2. Enhance the translation and application of theory and research to practice of neurologic physical therapy


3. Attract and publish high impact papers in neurologic physical therapy


4. Establish JNPT as the international journal for neurologic physical therapy


5. Innovate and expand the electronic dissemination options of JNPT content


I am pleased to report that already we are achieving some of the objectives identified in the JNPT Strategic Plan. Importantly we have several provisions in the plan to survey members on our progress. But don't wait to hear from us with a survey, let us know what you think.