1. Hader, Richard T. RN, PhD, CNA, CHE, CPHQ, Editor-in-Chief

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While replying to e-mails last February, I received a message that Nursing Management Congress sought applicants to chair its 2003 planning panel. As Vice-President and Chief Nurse Executive of a university medical center, I sift through at least 100 messages a day, so I instinctively pressed the delete key and thought nothing more of it.


The next day a colleague forwarded the same e-mail, urging me to seize the opportunity. I took her advice and was subsequently asked to serve as chairperson of Congress2003-The Conference for Excellence in Nursing Leadership.


Bright minds, big city

Set in San Diego, Calif., Congress2003 features more than 60 educational activities designed to provide information that's innovative, practical, and applicable to your work environment. Experts predict that over the next 5 years, hospitals will receive $1.5 billion less in revenue from government regulated reimbursement funds. 1 Given steadily increasing patient acuity and vastly diminishing resources, it's a challenge to provide quality care while maintaining fiscally responsible departments.


This increasing financial burden necessitates that all of us learn best practices and begin to efficiently implement them in our own settings. Nursing needs leaders willing to find more financially efficient ways to deliver care while improving quality. At Congress2003, you'll have the opportunity to tap into the brightest minds our profession offers. We want each participant to leave the conference with a renewed commitment to management, one that positively impacts every aspect of care delivery to the communities we serve.


Turning a new page

Last month, good fortune called once again when I assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief of Nursing Management. Countless times I've turned to this award-winning publication for solutions and recommendations on which to build strong management teams. I salute the outstanding health care leaders who share their knowledge in Nursing Management, providing all of us with practical skills and motivational messages.


Each month, I'll share my thoughts regarding issues we encounter daily as practicing nurse leaders. I realize that we're shouldering increasingly complex and stressful responsibilities, but I also know there's no other career path as rewarding. So, let's seize the opportunity together starting at Congress2003 and do what we do best-lead! There's still time to register. For complete information and session descriptions, visit




1. The Healthcare Association of New York State: "Medicare Reimbursement Hospitals' Single Largest Payer,"Federal Update 2001; available online:[Context Link]