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Assura AC (Adhesive Coupling). This simple and secure new coupling system shapes closely with the body, giving more lifestyle flexibility and freedom of movement for people with colostomies and ileostomies.


Designed for users with protruding stomas, flat abdomens, and minimal scars and indentations, the system can be applied without any pressure, making Assura AC an alternative for postoperative patients. Assura AC is a 2-piece system featuring the EasiClose drainable pouch (including an integrated, self-adhesive closure) and closed pouch. The Assura AC assortment features Extra-Extended Wear and Standard Wear adhesives, available in a variety of sizes.


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V.A.C. Abdominal Dressing System. The V.A.C. Abdominal Dressing System provides clinically effective and cost-effective treatment through use of negative pressure wound therapy, helping treat chronic and traumatic wounds in hospitals, extended care facilities, and the home.


Used in conjunction with the V.A.C. Advanced Therapy System (ATS), the V.A.C. Abdominal Dressing System is specifically designed to help manage open abdominal wounds resulting from complex abdominal pathologies, including, but not limited to, abdominal compartment syndrome and trauma. The new abdominal dressing system uses a combination of a sterile, nonadherent layer and a polyurethane foam dressing. Clinical and patient benefits of the V.A.C. Abdominal Dressing System may include assisting in managing the open abdomen, protecting the abdominal contents with a nonadherent layer, and helping to allow for delayed primary closure.


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