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As a community family physician, I have had much success advising patients to follow plant-based diets ("A Plant-Based Nutrition Program," In the Community, March). More often than not, patients are far more receptive to lifestyle modification than are health care professionals, which is unfortunate. This type of study, although informal, adds credence to the benefits of plant-based diets by "teaching the teachers" how enjoyable and easy they can be to follow. In fact, in my own practice, all the medical students and anyone else who will listen will hear about plant-based eating! Many patients have told me that although they may not be 100% vegan, they are "on the spectrum" (to paraphrase Ornish) and are moving toward more plant-based eating. I hope to see more research and discussion about plant-based nutrition at all primary care conferences in the future. It is a wonderful tool in our medical toolbox and a key cornerstone of good health.


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