1. Vallance, Jennifer RN, BSN

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Managers, administrators, and recruiters, alike, have an obligation to attract and keep nurses. Retention is key. Nurse recruiters plan activities to show their appreciation for nurses, but ultimately, managers have the power to make or break nurse satisfaction in the long-term. A simple task such as adjusting a work schedule around the nurse's childcare issues can make all the difference. While recruitment isn't your primary responsibility, you may want to employ the following promotional tactics:


[white diamond suit] Use word of mouth to promote the hospital for which you work.


[white diamond suit] Openly discuss some of the advantages of working at your institution.


[white diamond suit] Remain available to meet potential employees.


[white diamond suit] Keep an open mind. Managers who aren't afraid to be creative in their recruitment efforts can put their hospital head and shoulders above the rest in the race to recruit.


[white diamond suit] As always, create a safe and cohesive environment to best recruit and retain.



By giving staff the authority to think outside the box, you can open doors to staffing and recruiting possibilities that may not have previously existed.