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Doctoral Nursing Education, Nursing, Action Coalition



  1. Wheeler, Rebecca M.


AIM: The aim of the study was to develop a sustainable annual symposium to support doctoral students in nursing across the state of Georgia.


BACKGROUND: A goal of the nursing profession, highlighted in the Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing report of 2011, is to increase the number of nurses with doctorates. They are needed to fill faculty positions as professors retire and to step into leadership positions as health care systems become more complex.


METHOD: The Georgia Nursing Leadership Coalition developed a Doctoral Symposium in 2014 that has been repeated annually.


RESULTS: The Doctoral Symposium gives doctoral students and faculty the opportunity to network, discuss current issues, advance their skills, and (for students) share their work. Approximately 100 people attend each year; costs and attendance fees have been kept low. Lessons learned are provided.


CONCLUSION: The Doctoral Symposium is a sustainable, valuable activity for supporting doctoral students and faculty.