1. Gasparrelli, Sharilyn M. RN, CNOR

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Everyone is affected by natural disasters in some shape or form ("Climate Change and Mental Health," April). No matter one's stance on climate change, there is no denying that natural disasters happen and that nurses are uniquely positioned to respond holistically to such occurrences. While the authors mention building resilience as an acceptable way to support the community, they don't address providing resilience training to nurses or how resilience is developed at an individual level.


Nurses are part of the communities in which they work, so it is imperative that resilience training starts with them, such as in nursing programs or during facility orientations. I would have liked to see the article incorporate more strategies that nurses, nursing programs, or employers can implement to ensure that frontline nurses responding to disasters have the resilience they need to provide care for others and to contribute to community resilience.


Sharilyn M. Gasparrelli, RN, CNOR


Durham, NC