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* "There is a level of discomfort nurses are pushed to that goes beyond tight staffing, busy 12-hour shifts, and mental tracking of our patient's disease process. It is the inner stretch of our emotional, relational, and spiritual muscles," writes pediatric intensive care nurse Hui-Wen (Alina) Sato in her post "The Inner Stretch of Nursing" (


* In his post "PTSD and Falls: For the Elderly, a Lost Sense of Safety and Control," hospice social worker Scott Janssen discusses the potential for falls to cause posttraumatic stress symptomology, acute stress disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder (


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"Educating all nurses [on] communication, teamwork, and emotional intelligence is not only critical to supporting a positive work environment, but has direct correlation to quality outcomes and patient safety." "We learn about the use of technology in nursing while in nursing school. Perhaps the potential of social media in nursing and global health should be considered and introduced to the curriculum." "We give patients so much information. Anything that will help them understand and remember is a good thing. When my mother was undergoing cancer treatment, I suggested she bring a tape recorder to her appointments so she could listen again. Most people don't remember everything we tell them, especially when it involves a difficult diagnosis."




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* Kathleen Czekanski, author of "The Experience of Transitioning to a Caregiving Role for a Family Member with Alzheimer's Disease or Related Dementia."


* Loren Staplin, lead author of "Can Your Older Patients Drive Safely?"


* Edie Brous and Douglas P. Olsen, authors of "Lessons Learned from Litigation: Legal and Ethical Consequences of Social Media."



* Clinical editor Betsy Todd speaks with


* Nancy O'Connor, author of "Six Things You Can Do Today to Prevent Hospital-Onset C. difficile Tomorrow."