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The primary purposes of Advances in Nursing Science are to stimulate the development of nursing science and promote application in practice of emerging theories and research findings. Advances in Nursing Science welcomes unsolicited manuscripts prepared in accordance with these purposes and with the specific issue topics given below. All manuscripts must be submitted on disk. Detailed instructions for manuscript preparation and submission of articles are published on the World Wide Web at All manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with this guide to be considered for publication.


All manuscripts are to be submitted for consideration for publication in a specific issue of ANS. The following descriptions of projected topics for ANS include suggested themes and deadline dates for receipt of articles by the editor. Authors are encouraged to submit articles no more than 4 months in advance of the deadline dates given below, but articles should be received no later than the deadline date. Manuscripts should be submitted to Peggy L. Chinn, Editor, University of Connecticut, School of Nursing, 231 Glenbrook Road, Storrs, CT 06269-2026 or by e-mail attachment to


VOL. 24:4-HEALTH TRANSITIONS. Manuscripts are sought that address health transitions for individuals, families, organizations, or communities. Manuscripts are welcome that report and explore methods, research findings, or philosophic works that relate to the development of knowledge in the area of health transitions. Last date for receipt of manuscripts: October 15, 2001.


VOL. 25:1-CRITIQUE AND REPLICATION. Continuing a fine tradition for Advances in Nursing Science, we begin this 25th volume with an issue focusing on critique and replication. Manuscripts are sought that address advances based on articles previously published in ANS. Manuscripts can reflect empiric, philosophic, methodologic, or conceptual advances and can include replications or critiques of previously published ANS articles. Last date for receipt of manuscripts: January 15, 2002.


VOL. 25:2-HEALTH VARIABLES: ANCESTRY AND ETHNICITY. This issue launches a series of themes that will appear periodically that will be focused on specific health variables. Future themes will include variables such as class and economic status, gender and sex, and economics and health care policy. For this issue, we are seeking manuscripts that address ancestry and ethnicity as health variables. Manuscripts can address theoretic development, philosophic issues, or research reports. Last date for receipt of manuscripts: April 15, 2002.


VOL. 25:3-CRITICAL AND POSTMODERN PERSPECTIVES. This issue will focus on critical and postmodern perspectives in nursing knowledge. Articles can focus on either critical or postmodern approaches, or they may address critiques of one, or both. Articles can include nursing philosophy, theory, or research methodologies or reports. Last date for receipt of manuscripts: July 15, 2002.