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Clinical Pathways for the Multidisciplinary Home Care Team,2nd edition, by Barbara Stover Gingerich, MS, RN, CHE, CHCE, and Deborah Anne Ondeck, MS, RN, CHCE, CPHQ This new edition contains detailed clinical pathways for common conditions, including pressure ulcers, wounds, and urinary incontinence, in an easy-access loose-leaf reference and companion CD-ROM. Each pathway is spelled out in a step-by-step, fully coordinated plan of care and includes initial assessment, progress notes, and disease-specific outcomes measurement tools.


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Nutritional Management in Long-Term Care: Development of a Clinical Guidelineby David R. Thomas, Wendy Ashman, John E. Morley, William J. Evans, and the Council for Nutritional Strategies in Long-Term Care. Offers steps for managing malnutrition and involuntary weight loss among residents of long-term-care facilities. The guideline recommends a structured approach to the management of unintended weight loss, primarily because body weight is easily measured but the evaluation of unintended weight loss is difficult. Awareness of delirium, depression, and mood disorders in residents is also emphasized in the guideline, which notes that reversal of delirium may result in a return of appetite. Depression is a major cause of weight loss in the long-term-care setting, accounting for up to 36% of residents who have weight loss.


[black up pointing small triangle] Information: The guideline was published in the December 2000 issue of the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, a refereed publication of The Gerontological Society of America; Web site: