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Augustine Medical, Inc

2 x 2 Hi-Pro Wound Cover. Intended to cover wounds on hard-to-cover bony prominences, such as on the heel, malleolus, or coccyx, this product is designed for use with Warm-Up therapy. The Warm-Up system uses warmth to help the body heal wounds, such as diabetic or venous ulcers, by increasing blood flow to the wound. Warmth is delivered to the wound bed by sliding an infrared warming card, powered by a microprocessor temperature control unit, into a noncontact wound cover, such as the 2 x 2 Hi-Pro cover. The wound cover maintains the warmth and humidity and absorbs excess exudate. Because the system's wound cover is noncontact, the wound bed is protected and healthy new skin is not disrupted during wound cover changes.


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MicroVas Technologies, Inc

MicroVas. An electrical stimulation system for use on chronic wounds, MicroVas is certified by the Food and Drug Administration and indicated for slow and nonhealing diabetic, venous, and pressure ulcers and for ischemic rest pain. MicroVas increases blood flow in the vascular system, which delivers oxygen-enriched blood to the nonhealing ulcer area, accelerating the wound healing process.


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