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Gaymar Industries, Inc

PurGel OR Positioning Devices. Designed to help prevent pressure ulcers and ensure proper patient positioning during surgical procedures, PurGel positioning devices aid in preventing subcutaneous tissue damage by reducing pressure that restricts blood flow to a patient's bony prominences. The devices use a patented Xcelgel gel formula that conforms to the patient, prevents bottoming, and reduces shear. PurGel positioning devices are fluid-, fungus-, and odor-resistant. The line is latex-free, nonconductive, and features radiographic translucent capabilities. PurGel's vibrant purple color is easy to see, decreasing the chance of it being inadvertently tossed in with linens. FIGURE 1

Figure 1 - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure 1. PurGel Head Protector

The complete line of PurGel positioning devices includes products for the head, elbows, chest, feet, heels, legs, knees, and hips, as well as table pads and accessories. The line comes with a 30-day guarantee and 2-year warranty.


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Dale Medical Products, Inc

Dale Abdominal Binder. The company's fifth-generation abdominal binder, the Dale Abdominal Binder incorporates prepaneled stretch material and gap-free stitching, offering an improved design that encourages increased pulmonary function, alleviates incisional pain, and allows for earlier patient ambulation. The prepaneled stretch material distributes compression evenly around the abdomen and incorporates an innovative joining stitch that prevents skin from pushing through and between panels.


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Smith & Nephew, Inc

Triple Care D. This dimethicone-based skin protectant cream is designed to protect the skin against wetness and irritation due to exposure to urine and feces. Triple Care D contains 5% dimethicone to help treat and prevent diaper rash. The lanolin-free cream is clear upon application and is an ideal moisturizer for conditioning dry skin. Available in a 4-ounce tube.


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Span-America Medical Systems, Inc

EZ-Dish. Modeled after the company's original Isch-Dish, this pressure-relief cushion provides a simpler, nonfitted seating cushion for those at high risk for pressure ulcers at the ischium or coccyx. A viscoelastic foam top molds to the anatomically shaped round-edged pocket below. The cushion delivers pressure relief to the bony prominences, and the high-density bottom is contoured to encourage upright posture and proper positioning of the legs. Features a wipe-clean zippered cover with a tissue-friendly, fluid repellent surface that helps reduce slipping and has a visual indicator for "bottom rear." Available in 4 standard sizes. FIGURE 2

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3M Health Care

3M Micropore Plus Surgical Tape. Created with greater initial adhesion for more secure performance, Micropore Plus surgical tape is as gentle to the skin as standard Micropore tape. Micropore Plus is made with a nonirritating adhesive and a porous backing that allows the skin to breathe. The tape holds well on damp or dry skin and is effective for repeated taping applications. FIGURE 3

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Above-Knee Silosheaths. This prosthetic nylon sheath is coated with Silipos medical grade mineral oil gel that conditions the skin and protects the residual limb while absorbing shear and directional forces. Available in 3 sizes: wide/short, wide/medium, and extra-wide/short.


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