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Dumex Medical

You're Not Alone Video Series. This series of educational videos was developed specifically for patients with chronic wounds. Included in the series are tapes on Understanding Diabetic Ulcers, Understanding Pressure Ulcers, and Understanding Venous Ulcers that present patients and their caregivers with basic etiology, prevention, care, and management of these 3 specific types of chronic wounds.


Experts Frank Ferris, MD; Anne Kenshole, MB, BS, FRCPC, FACP; Diane Krasner, PhD, RN, CWOCN, CWS, FAAN; and Gary Sibbald, BSc, MD, FRCPC, discuss critical principles of care in easy-to-understand language. Educational booklets accompany each video; a compilation video, consisting of the 3 tapes, is also available.


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