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JCN is looking for quality, continuing-education feature articles from a Christian worldview on these topics:


* Substance Abuse-scholarly presentation of opioid abuse and other problems, nursing interventions;


* Global Health Issues-Zika, communicable diseases, Lyme disease, nurses' roles and support, taking nursing students abroad;


* Update on HIV-diagnosis, treatment, prevalence, care, patient teaching;


* Nurses' Workplace Impairment-substance abuse, laws, interventions, support;


* Bio-Terrorism/Disaster Preparedness-especially in the faith setting;


* Changing the Culture of Mistakes-healthcare innovations to change how errors are perceived and managed.



CE articles must include: current clinical information and nursing application; be well documented using current references (unless a reference is a classic/standard); and be 4,900 to 5,600 words in length, including references, tables, and figures. Supplemental digital content (slides, videos, additional tables) are welcome. Submit your article or a query at Your article could make the cover of JCN!



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Coming soon in JCN


* What Nurses Need to Know About Human Trafficking


* Evaluation of Training Procedures for Clinical Nurses Engaged in a Palliative Care Pilot Study


* Reflections on Global Service Learning


* 12-Hour Shifts: Literature Reviewed, Wise Use Challenged


* Maternal Mortality and Injustice: A Closer Look


* Correctional Nursing: Caring for the Least of These


* A Call to Action: The Role of Faith in Weight Management


* What Is Caring in Nursing? Sorting Out Humanistic and Christian Perspectives


* Caring from a Christian World View: Exploring the Views of Nurses


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Eating disorders today-Not just a girl thing: Erratum


Recently, a reader brought to our attention an error in the above article (Hepworth, 2010). On page 238, the article reads, "The female obsession with thinness is striking in girls at younger ages. According to one study, over 80% of 10-year-old girls have been on at least one diet (Henry, 2007)." The full reference for this citation is: Henry, L. (2007). Even kids are suffering from anorexia and bulimia. Retrieved March 9, 2009, from Although that page is no longer available, it is maintained by the Internet Archive. After reviewing and examining this reference and Henry's sources, the dieting statistic in 10-year-old girls could not be substantiated. Data from the National Institutes of Mental Health, taken from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted in 2012 (NHANES,, reveal that girls ages 8 to 15 have a 0.2% prevalence of eating disorders (


Find current information, statistics, and research on eating disorders at:




* National Eating Disorders Association-


* National Eating Disorder Information Centre (Canada)-



JCN apologizes for this error. We will continue to work hard to check references before publication.


Hepworth K. (2010). Eating disorders today-Not just a girl thing. Journal of Christian Nursing, 27(3), 236-241. doi:10.1097/CNJ.0b013e3181dd7976 [Context Link]