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September 1996

September 3-5, 1996, 7th National Nurse Education Conference, Alice Springs, Australia, FMI contact William Fay Projects, Conference Coordinators, tele: 089 52 6664; fax: 089 52 4991.


September 11-13, 1996, The Sixth Annual Midwest Managed Health Care Congress, Chicago, Illinois, sponsored by the National Managed Health Care Congress. FMI contact Beth Calkins, 617-270-6022 or Amy Corcoran, 617-270-6029.


September 16, 1996, Reengineering Nursing & Health Care: Transformation for a New Era, Orlando, Florida, sponsored by Health Care Seminars, Inc. FMI contact Health Care Seminars, Inc., tele: 330-652-7776; fax: 330-652-7575.


September 17-19, 1996, 1996 Windows on Healthcare Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, sponsored by the Microsoft Healthcare Users Group. FMI contact Glen Bugala, tele: 313-973-1995; fax: 313-973-1996.


October 1996

October 9-12, 1996, 22nd Annual Conference of the Transcultural Nursing Society -Health Issues in Migration: A Transcultural Nursing Perspective, St. Louis, Missouri. FMI contact Donna Barnes, 313-591-8358; or Irene Kalnins, tele: 314-577-8920; e-mail: KALNINSIS@SLUVCA.SLU.EDU


October 16-17, 1996, Exchanging Healthcare Information (EHI)96, Manchester, England, sponsored by BJHC Limited. FMI contact BJHC, fax: 01932-820305; e-mail:


October 26-30, 1996, 1996 AMIA Annual Fall Symposium-Beyond the Superhighway: Exploiting the Internet with Medical Informatics, Washington DC, sponsored by the American Medical Informatics Association and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. FMI contact AMIA, tele: 301-657-1291; e-mail:


November 1996

November 13-15, 1996, The Sixth Annual Northeast Managed Health Care Congress, New York, New York, sponsored by the National Managed Health Care Congress. FMI contact Beth Calkins, tele: 617-270-6022; fax: 617-270-6107.


November 14-16, 1996, American Academy of Nursing 1996 Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, sponsored by the American Academy of Nursing (AAN). FMI contact AAN, tele: 202-651-7238.


November 25-27, 1996, National Managed Care Congress and Fall Forum, Las Vegas, Nevada, sponsored by the National Critical Care Institute and the National Professional Education Institute. FMI contact NCCI, tele: 619-788-1557; e-mail: