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  1. Zhao, Chen
  2. Zhang, Bing
  3. Shi, Jiandang
  4. Li, Yaping
  5. Pang, Long


Fractures and dislocations with complete lateral displacement of the spine at the lumbar and thoracic levels are some of the most severe types of thoracolumbar trauma. They are usually caused by high-energy trauma and accompanied by extreme, life-threatening injuries and neurological deficits that vary in severity, which may delay operative intervention. It is often difficult to reduce such a complex fracture-dislocation because of the force that the muscles exert on the bone and the injured part of the spinal cord. No absolute guidelines for reduction, fixation, decompression, and fusion of this type of injury have been established. We report a rare case of spontaneous reduction of the fractured thoracolumbar spine with complete dislocation and discuss the management of such severe injuries through review of the existing literature.