1. Sell, Ashanti C. RN

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As a pediatric hematology-oncology nurse, I read "The Growing Need for Diverse Blood Donors" (July) with interest. To increase the number of diverse blood donors a specific action plan must be in place. I suggest three steps: exposure, education, and convenience. Exposure could be achieved with simple, catchy, and emotionally appealing commercials. Giacomini and colleagues found in their qualitative study that one of the biggest reasons people donate is because they feel they have the opportunity to save a life.1 Education should address the myths, fears, and truths about blood donation in a simple and concise manner. A great way to reach the target audience would be to require that blood donor and transfusion education be taught to the families of patients on hematology-oncology units. Finally, for convenience, there should be a designated place in hospitals where people can donate blood at any time of the day.


Ashanti C. Sell, RN


Winston-Salem, NC




1. Giacomini L, et al Strategies to increase recruitment of voluntary and habitual blood donors Acta Paulista de Enfermagem 2010 23 1 65-72 [Context Link]