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  1. Henderson, Wendy A. PhD, MSN, CRNP
  2. Rahim-Williams, Bridgett PhD, MA, MPH
  3. Kim, Kevin H. PhD
  4. Sherwin, LeeAnne B. PhD, MS, CRNP, FNP-BC
  5. Abey, Sarah K. PhD, BSN
  6. Martino, Angela C. BSN
  7. Fourie, Nicolaas H. PhD
  8. Heitkemper, Margaret M. PhD, RN, FAAN
  9. Zuccolotto, Anthony P. BS


Abdominal pain is a chronic condition experienced by approximately 20% of individuals in the United States. The purpose of the study was to assess the validity of the Gastrointestinal Pain Pointer as a measure of abdominal pain intensity. A prospective longitudinal time-series study design was utilized. The sample included 93 outpatients (58.1% female). Participants met Rome III criteria for irritable bowel syndrome (n = 32) or were healthy controls (n = 61). The Gastrointestinal Pain Pointer, a new electronic pain assessment tool, was used to assess self-reported abdominal pain intensity among participants before and after ingestion of an intestinal permeability test solution across 11 time points over a 5-hour time period. The results were compared with the Short-Form McGill Pain Questionnaire. The Gastrointestinal Pain Pointer was found to be valid in the assessment of abdominal pain intensity. The tool is a novel and valid measure of abdominal pain intensity that enhances the ability for clinicians to better quantify, in real time, patient-related pain outcomes for both clinical care and research.