1. Patterson, Miki MS, RNCS, NP, ONC

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I feel very strongly about child abuse, domestic violence, and trauma prevention, so I keep an eye out for these issues on the NAON Web site. I will email or call my state's representatives in Congress to voice my opinion on the bills that Eileen Meier posts on the site.


A lot has appeared there on issues vital to our practice, like the pain legislation. It is important to see how this legislation will negatively impact our patients and our ability to care for them. Great instructions on the NAON legislative site will take you step-by-step through notifying your representative.


I put the word out locally by printing the paragraphs found on the Web site and posting them in the nurses' conference room and OR lounge. I bring the osteoporosis signature sheets to our chapter meetings and ask anyone interested to sign, call, or write. I leave a few copies of the "blanked" letters that were found on-line, so it's really easy for our 105 chapter members to copy and send a note to their Congressmen and Congresswomen.


I do some writing in local journals like Nursing Spectrum about child abuse, and I get involved in discussion on the NAON Forum regarding these issues. I may share my opinion on certain bills (such as the .08 BAC legislation) with parents, patients, and friends to educate them on issues they could impact.


You, too, can get involved. It really doesn't take much time.