Electronic medical records, Health information technology, Hospitals, Informatics, Jordan



  1. Tubaishat, Ahmad PhD, RN
  2. AL-Rawajfah, Omar M. PhD, RN


No previous nationwide study has estimated to what extent electronic health records have been implemented in Jordanian hospitals. The purpose of this descriptive, cross-sectional study was to explore the level of adoption and use of electronic health records in Jordanian hospitals across all major healthcare service providers. The standardized American Hospital Association annual survey was used. The level of use of electronic functionalities of electronic health records was determined. The association of certain hospital characteristics with the adoption of electronic health records was examined. A proportion of 10.3% of the participating hospitals had a comprehensive use of electronic health records in all units, and 15.5% had a basic system in at least one unit. Most (74.2%, n = 72) had not implemented electronic health records. The hospitals with a higher rate of adoption were found to be larger, government, urban, and teaching hospitals that had coronary care units. The level of adoption of electronic health records in Jordan is relatively low. This fact should impel policy makers to resolve the challenges and obstacles for such adoption. National strategic plans are needed to address the goals and implementation processes of electronic health record systems in all Jordanian hospitals.