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Purpose: To examine organizational stress, burnout, and personal well-being in nurses employed on specialty orthopaedic units, medical surgical units caring for orthopaedic patients, and home care departments.


Study Design: Descriptive, comparative, survey approach


Organizational Participants: Acute care hospital units caring for orthopaedic patients and home care departments that are either freestanding or hospital-based agencies.


Requirements: Hospital/agency must select a contact person to assist the investigator with sampling and distribution of surveys. Participating RNs, LPNs, and Assistive Personnel will be asked to complete a demographic profile and 3 short questionnaires.


Ethical Considerations: Data will be presented as aggregate data with no identification of hospital or subject. Each participating hospital will receive its hospital-based results as well as a copy of the final research report. This study has been approved by Kean University Intuitional Review Board.


Contact: Dr. Susan Salmond,