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necrotizing fasciitis, sepsis, soft tissue infection, surgical debridement, supportive therapy



  1. Liu, Yukun PhD
  2. Guo, Ke MD, PhD
  3. Sun, Jiaming MD, PhD


GENERAL PURPOSE: To provide information about necrotizing fasciitis (NF), how to recognize it, and evidence-based treatment.


TARGET AUDIENCE: This continuing education activity is intended for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses with an interest in skin and wound care.


LEARNING OBJECTIVES/OUTCOMES: After completing this continuing education activity, you should be able to:


1. Define NF and identify its signs and symptoms.


2. Outline the non-surgical and surgical treatments for NF.



ABSTRACT: Necrotizing fasciitis is a threatening, rapidly progressive, infectious disease of the soft tissue. In this article, based on 3 cases, the authors aim to summarize the clinical experience of patients with necrotizing fasciitis and the current concepts of the treatment and management of this disease.