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debriefing, learning domains, prelicensure nursing education, skills laboratory



  1. Vihos, Jill PhD, RN
  2. Pollard, Loreen MN, RN
  3. Bazin, Moira MN, RN
  4. Lozza, Denaine BScN, RN
  5. MacDonald, Penny MN, RN
  6. Moniz, Nadine MN, RN
  7. Spies, Dorothy BScN, RN


The purpose of this project was to explore (a) how nursing students regarded debriefing sessions at the end of a laboratory skills class and (b) the cognitive, affective, and social learning outcomes of debriefing sessions. Survey questionnaires were administered to 378 prelicensure nursing students after their nursing skills laboratory class that included a debriefing session. Most students either agreed or strongly agreed that debriefing facilitated the discussion about their experience and reflection on learning.