1. Joob, Beuy PhD
  2. Wiwanitkit, Viroj MD

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Dear Editor, the publication by Forman et al,1 "Addressing the Global Zika Epidemic Locally: An Interprofessional Model of Universal Screening at One Center," is very interesting. Forman et al1 concluded that "Challenges addressed include varied medical record systems, acceptance by patients, providers, and community health center leadership, as well as culturally appropriate outreach to diverse ethnic and linguistic communities. In 6 months, the prenatal screening rates increased from 20% to 88%, which resulted in the identification of more than 300 pregnant patients at risk of exposure to Zika virus." In fact, the management of the outbreak of Zika virus epidemic requires multidisciplinary approach. Both medical and nonmedical personnel must play roles in epidemic correspondence. The interesting point in the present report by Forman et al1 is the increasing percentage of screening and increased identification of at risk patients. It is no doubt that intensified screening can help detect the increased number of risk cases. Nevertheless, the intensified screening also means increased expense for performing screening. In addition, the ability of the screening is still questionable since most of the Zika virus infections are asymptomatic.2


-Beuy Joob, PhD


Sanitation 1 Medical Academic Center


Bangkok, Thailand


-Viroj Wiwanitkit, MD


Hainan Medical University


Haikou City, Hainan, China


Visiting Professor


Dr DY Patil University


Navi Mumbai, India


Honorary Professor


Joseph Ayobabalola University


Ilara-Mokin, Nigeria


Adjunct Professor


Faculty of Medicine


University of Nis


Nis, Serbia


Visiting Professor




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2. Wiwanitkit S, Wiwanitkit V. Afebrile, asymptomatic and non-thrombocytopenic Zika virus infection: don't miss it! Asian Pac J Trop Med. 2016;9(5):513. [Context Link]