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I've been asked to be an expert peer reviewer for a professional nursing journal. Can you tell me what's expected of me in this role?-N.N., UTAH


First of all, congratulations for being recognized for your expertise as a professional nurse. When you receive an invitation to review a manuscript submission, read and follow any specific instructions or guidelines provided by the journal. You may be asked to rate various aspects of the manuscript and to recommend accepting it as is, accepting it after revisions, or rejecting it.


Here at Nursing2017, we ask our reviewers to focus on the clinical content. Is it accurate and up-to-date? Is it appropriate for the audience? Do you see any errors or omissions?


For our journal, we ask reviewers to note if medical terms are misspelled or misused, but don't mention each typo or grammatical error you see because the journal's editors can easily fix these. Do mention any general concerns about the article's structure or content, such as poor organization or lack of focus. Note any essential content that's missing. If you think any content is inappropriate or unnecessary, mention that too.


Carefully review the references to see if they're current, reliable, and professional. Have the most recent clinical guidelines been cited, if appropriate? Have any important sources been left out?


Finally, be sure to respond promptly to review requests you receive from the publisher, and meet or beat all deadlines. Thank you for stepping into this role and helping to advance the practice of nursing.


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