1. Fishman, Loren M. MD, BPhil (Oxon)
  2. Groessl, Erik J. PhD
  3. Bernstein, Paul OMS II


Objective: Efficacy of 2 yoga poses for degenerative scoliosis (DS) and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS).


Subjects and Methods: Retrospective study of 49 DS and 25 AIS patients with initial Cobb angles less than 120[degrees] (DS) and less than 75[degrees] (AIS) performing side plank daily, with lumbar and thoracolumbar curves' convex side inferior. In complex curves, the half-moon pose was added. Outcome measure included Cobb angles after mean 5.8 and 9.4 months, respectively.


Results: Mean lumbar/thoracolumbar improvement: 23.7% (P < .00) in DS, 34.2% (P = .001) in AIS. Thoracic curves improved 27.6% (P = .001) and 20.3% (P = .004): 2.5% per month and 3.5% per month, respectively.


Conclusions: These yoga poses may reduce scoliosis in DS and AIS.