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Indoor Tanning, Nurses, Patients, Skin Cancer



  1. Martin, Brian
  2. Wilkerson, Amanda H.
  3. Pham, Linda
  4. Nahar, Vinayak K.
  5. Boyas, Javier F.
  6. Black, William H.
  7. Brodell, Robert T.


ABSTRACT: Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the United States. The major causative agent of skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet radiation, including exposure from the sun and from artificial sources, such as tanning beds. The primary reason quoted for tanning is to improve one's perceived appearance. Studies have shown that some individuals who have had skin cancer continue to expose themselves to indoor tanning beds, thus increasing their risk of developing skin cancer. The current article offers an overview of indoor tanning risk and its use among patients with skin cancer and discusses implications for nurses.