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  1. Hill, Karen S. MSN, RN, CNAA, FACHE


Creating positive change to move a leadership team forward in a learning environment was a challenge for senior executives. The author describes an organized approach to leadership competency development for both nursing and nonnursing department directors and senior administrative staff members. The project was based on a 360-degree assessment group composite analysis and was implemented during a 12-month period. Prioritization of leadership development occurred as a result of this effort within the facility strategic plan, and intradepartmental communication dramatically improved.


Development of leadership competencies has been cited as a key strategy in dealing with future complex leadership challenges. Recruiting top performers, moving toward more flexibility in all aspects of employment, and the ever-growing expectation that managers be good coaches, teachers, and mentors place additional stress on even the most seasoned leaders. Maximal use of limited resources for management education is an immense and ongoing challenge for senior nursing leadership. Traditionally, selected managers or leaders are sent to conferences or national meetings, but the "take-home" information is not disseminated. It is difficult to be the "lone ranger" in bringing home leadership development information and an even tougher challenge to present and inspire change in others.