1. Ruth-Sahd, Lisa A. RN, DEd, CEN, CCRN

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Dear nurses, there are a variety of prayers available on the Internet, such as these 2 examples, which may be printed and used as source of prayer. You may also say your very own genuine, private prayer.


A Nurse's Prayer

Dear Lord,


Help me to be the best nurse that I can be.


Bless me with the words to impart knowledge with gentility, patience, and a kind bedside manner.


Give me the vision to see those who are struggling with their illness and the ability to help them understand it.


Show me how to provide expert care while making my patient comfortable.


Let me be a source of strength for my patients and their families.


Let me be a constant help to the providers and the other nurses with whom I work.


Lord, fill me with the energy to open each day with a smile regardless of how tired I am.


May I be a true sign of Your love to every person under my care.


-Author unknown


As I care for my patients today


Be there with me, Oh Lord, I pray.


Make my words kind-it means so much.


And in my hands place Your healing touch.


Let Your love shine through all that I do.


So those in need may hear and feel You.



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