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  1. Zullo, Melissa D. PhD, MPH, MA
  2. Dolansky, Mary A. PhD, RN
  3. Josephson, Richard A. MS, MD
  4. Cheruvu, Vinay K. PhD, MS, MSc, PGD-MISCA


Purpose: Older adults who use postacute care (PAC) after hospitalization for myocardial infarction (MI) are often overlooked as cardiac rehabilitation (CR) candidates because of physical limitations. This research describes the impact of functional status and PAC, including inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF), skilled nursing facility (SNF), or home health care (HHC), on CR initiation in Medicare beneficiaries discharged from the hospital following an index MI.


Methods: The Chronic Condition Warehouse database of Medicare beneficiaries discharged to PAC following index MI in 2008 (n = 63 092) was used for this retrospective study. Functional status at PAC discharge was described as dependent, needed assistance, needed supervision, or independent. Logistic regression examined factors associated with CR initiation.


Results: CR was initiated by 3% and 21% of beneficiaries discharged from PAC as dependent or independent, respectively. Beneficiaries who were dependent, needed assistance, or needed supervision were 78% (95% CI, 0.18-0.28), 60% (0.32-0.49), and 51% (0.41-0.57) less likely to initiate CR compared with independent beneficiaries. Those who had used IRF were 40% more likely to initiate CR compared with those who had used HHC, with no difference observed between those who had used SNF compared with HHC.


Conclusions: Functional status at PAC discharge was strongly associated with CR initiation. Beneficiary initiation of CR was at proportions corresponding to the level of independence. Beneficiaries discharged from PAC as independent initiated CR at rates slightly higher than non-PAC users, and those discharged from IRF were more likely to initiate CR. These findings are promising and more targeted recruitment from PAC may increase CR initiation and completion, resulting in continued improvement in functional status.