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  1. de Freitas Floriano, Claudia Maria MSc
  2. Machado Avelar, Ariane Ferreira PhD, MSc, RN
  3. Sorgini Peterlini, Maria Angelica PhD, MSc, RN


This prospective study examined the characteristics of children admitted to a pediatric emergency department and the factors that influenced the successful establishment of peripheral intravenous (IV) access. Descriptive and correlational analysis was completed using a convenience sample of 89 patients. Peripheral IV access was successful in 95.7% of the children, and the first attempt at insertion was successful in 53% of the procedures. Factors influencing the success of peripheral IV access were the patient's gender, skin color, presence of difficult-to-see veins, small veins, presence of fever, and a lack of palpable veins.