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PREVENA Incision Management System. A recent, independent study in the Journal of Arthroplasty has demonstrated that total arthroplasty patients treated with Acelity's PREVENA Therapy (the first disposable negative-pressure system designed specifically for closed surgical incisions) were 4 times less likely to experience surgical site complications compared with traditional gauze dressings. Patients who received the intervention also had statistically significant lower rates of overall infection. Patients who require surgical treatment for wound healing problems after joint replacement are 7.5 times more likely to develop further complications, burdening the healthcare system. "The growing body of clinical evidence clearly supports PREVENA Therapy's ability to preserve [surgeons'] work and improve the healing process for their patients," said Ron Silverman, MD, FACS, Acelity's chief medical officer.


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B. Braun

Introcan Safety Deep Access IV Catheters. B. Braun Medical Inc recently launched the Introcan Safety Catheters to its growing portfolio of products that aim to facilitate and improve peripheral intravenous access. According to the company's press release, longer peripheral catheters can help reduce costs, the number of insertions, and complications related to the catheter. The Deep Access IV Catheters are designed to promote easy access to deeper veins for patients with damaged, obscured, or nonpalpable superficial veins, as well as to reduce the risk of complications associated with this type of access. The new polyurethane catheters are visible under ultrasound, and the material can help extend the duration of therapy. Available in 4 length configurations, each catheter comes with a fully automatic passive safety shield to prevent accidental needlesticks.


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