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Congestive heart failure readmission, Hospital technology, Logic Model, Postdischarge calls, Program evaluation



  1. Frye, Timothy C. MSN, RN, FNP-C
  2. Poe, Terri L. DNP, RN, NE-BC
  3. Wilson, Marisa L. DNSc, MHSc, CPHIMS, RN-BC
  4. Milligan, Gary DNP, MHSA, RN


This mixed-method study was conducted to evaluate a postdischarge call program for congestive heart failure patients at a major teaching hospital in the southeastern United States. The program was implemented based on the premise that it would improve patient outcomes and overall quality of life, but it had never been evaluated for effectiveness. The Logic Model was used to evaluate the input of key staff members to determine whether the outputs and results of the program matched the expectations of the organization. Interviews, online surveys, reviews of existing patient outcome data, and reviews of publicly available program marketing materials were used to ascertain current program output. After analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data from the evaluation, recommendations were made to the organization to improve the effectiveness of the program.