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* In "Comforting Our Patients: The Importance of Well-Chosen Words," oncology nurse navigator Julianna Paradisi shares tips for talking to patients in the wake of bad news (


* "I found myself chewing on this notion that we can feel slowly worn down by the overall experience of nursing to a point where we feel the losses are not being offset by the gains," writes pediatric intensive care nurse Hui-Wen (Alina) Sato in her post "Tallying Losses and Gains of Being a Nurse, and Finding Profit" (


* In his post "Honoring the Moral Concerns of Caregivers Afraid of Giving Morphine," hospice social worker Scott Janssen discusses distress among caregivers who fear that giving morphine to a loved one means killing them or giving up on them (



"It is unethical to fail to address pain relief." "I have been a bedside nurse for about 25 years. This is why I became a nurse, this is what I want to do. Some people treat me like I have 'given up' because I don't want to get an advanced degree, or do anything but what I am already doing." "The [iv bag shortage] has increased the already strained time of us nurses. Five to 10 minutes to push iv antibiotics doesn't seem like a big deal until you have to do it for eight patients."




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* Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with Anne Shea-Lewis, lead author of "An Investigation into the Safety of Oral Intake During Labor."


* Clinical editor Betsy Todd speaks with Ann Reed Mangels, author of "Malnutrition in Older Adults."