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mindfulness, palliative care, spiritual care, spirituality



  1. Ricci-Allegra, Patricia PhD, RN, CPNP-AC/PC


Spiritual care is a key tenet of palliative care. A nurse's spiritual perspective has been recognized as an influencing factor in spiritual care, and results from several studies have shown an increase in spiritual perspective as a result of participation in programs designed to develop mindfulness as well as developing skills necessary for spiritual care. A descriptive correlational design was used with a convenience sample of nurses from the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association. Data were collected online using the Spiritual Perspective Scale, Mindful Attention Awareness Scale, and the Nurse Spiritual Care Therapeutics Scale. Spiritual perspective was positively correlated with age ([rho] = 0.2, P = .046), years of registered nurse experience ([rho] = 0.208, P = .039) and higher in those with a religious affiliation (U = 392.5, P < .001, r = 0.54). A positive correlation was found between mindfulness and spiritual care (r = 0.212, P = .05), with mindfulness explaining 4.5% of the variance in spiritual care. No significant relationships were found between spiritual perspective and mindfulness or spiritual care. Identifying mindfulness as a factor that may influence spiritual care has implications for education, research, and practice.