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  1. Nyika, Munashe Livion BSc (Hons)
  2. Mukona, Doreen MSc, BSc
  3. Zvinavashe, Mathilda PhD, MSc


This descriptive survey identified factors contributing to phlebitis among 46 adult inpatients using a systematic random sample. The visual infusion phlebitis score was used for assessment. All participants had phlebitis, with stage 4 being most frequent. Factors identified were gender (males-91.7%); immunosuppression (human immunodeficiency virus-63.0%; diabetes-100%; immunosuppressive drugs-100%; absolute leucocyte count <1000 [mu]L-100%); number of catheters inserted (>1-90.9%); site of catheterization (dorsum of wrist-100%); catheter dwell time (2-4 days-100%); catheter gauge (18-gauge-75%); catheter securement (unsecured/contaminated dressing-90%); regularity of catheter flushing (catheter never flushed-72.7%); and continuous infusion (94.2%).