1. Gavin, Nicole Clare MAP, BSc (Hons), RN
  2. Button, Elise MAP (Hons), BN, RN
  3. Castillo, Maria Isabel PhD, RN
  4. Ray-Barruel, Gillian PhD, RN
  5. Keogh, Samantha PhD, RN
  6. McMillan, David J. PhD, BSc
  7. Rickard, Claire M. PhD, RN


Guidelines recommend using single-lumen central vascular access devices (CVADs) for the administration of parenteral nutrition (PN) or lipid-based solutions, or a dedicated lumen on a multilumen CVAD. Publications reviewed by the authors reported comparative rates of catheter-related bloodstream infection (CR-BSI) in patients with CVADs who received PN through a dedicated lumen compared with those who had PN administered through multilumen CVADs. Two studies included 650 patients with 1349 CVADs. CR-BSIs were equally distributed between the 2 groups. Both studies were poorly reported and had significant risk of bias. These results should be interpreted with caution.