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Delving into bioimpedance analysis

As a medical physicist working in radiation oncology, I enjoy reading my wife's Nursing articles-as does my son, who's a paramedic. I read with great interest "Looking into Secondary Lymphedema" (November 2017), as I've seen the results of lymphedema throughout my career and have a family connection.

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The article mentions bioimpedance analysis to help detect lymphedema. This technology needs more attention, as it provides an objective method to track the progression of lymphedema much earlier than clinical observation.1 It gives the clinician the opportunity to intervene with compression therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, and other techniques that can mitigate progression. It certainly provides a clear alternative to using a measuring tape or simply observing that the patient's rings are getting tighter. By then, the lymphedema has progressed to an advanced clinical stage.




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1. Kaufman DI, Shah C, Vicini FA, Rizzi M. Utilization of bioimpedance spectroscopy in the prevention of chronic breast cancer-related lymphedema. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2017;166(3):809-815. [Context Link]


Neurologic knowledge

I want to commend Nursing for its evidence-based articles regarding the neurologic assessment of patients with balance disorders and dizziness. The article "Spotlight on Cerebellar Dysfunction" (October 2017) helped me understand my neurologic condition and prognosis. Keep up the good work!

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