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home care, palliative end-of-life care, patient-perspective



  1. Harstade, Carina Werkander MSN, RNT
  2. Andershed, Birgitta PhD, RNT


The aim of this study was to describe what patients with cancer who are in the final stage of life consider to be good palliative end-of-life care and where they think such care should be carried out. Nine patients receiving palliative end-of-life care were interviewed and the material was analyzed using Grounded Theory. Three main categories (and 7 subcategories) emerged during the analysis: safety, participation, and trust. They were conceptualized metaphorically as a wheel that rolls along smoothly as long as the care is good and all 3 categories are present. The concepts of safety, participation, and trust were interwoven with the patients' beliefs about where this care should be carried out. The majority said that they wanted to be cared for in the hospital.