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  1. Hoskins, Richard E. PhD, MPH
  2. O'Connor, Catherine BA
  3. Johnson, Clark PhD
  4. O'Carroll, Patrick MD, MPH
  5. Fuller, Sherrilynne PhD


Access to epidemiologic data is critical to public health practice. Unfortunately, most published data are out of date and live databases are inaccessible because of issues of confidentiality, varying user needs, cost, security concerns, and other reasons. EpiQMS is a Web-based application that allows exploratory, statistical, and geographic analysis of public health data. Tables, graphs, and maps with adjustments for small areas are available at three levels: (1) the general public, (2) public health and medical practitioners, and (3) epidemiologists and health officers. The difference in each level is with respect to the presentation of small cell sizes and small geographies as set by the data set custodians.