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  1. McGrath, Peter L. BS
  2. Levenkron, Jeffrey C. PhD
  3. Knox, Kerry L. PhD
  4. Scahill, Maureen P. MS
  5. Berkhoudt, Kimberly S. MS
  6. Coury-Doniger, Patricia A. FNPC


This article reports on the development of a scale to evaluate skills for performing Stage-based Behavioral Counseling. This intervention is an adaptation of the Stage of Change/Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change Theory and is used to promote behavior change for STD and HIV prevention. Eleven essential skill items were identified that combine to characterize the overall skill of performing this method of behavioral counseling. Qualitative and quantitative descriptions were developed, yielding a methodology to evaluate varying levels of performance for each skill item. Correlation coefficients demonstrated high construct validity (.95), internal consistency (.95) and inter-rater reliability (.99) of the scale. This reliable and valid instrument can be used for implementing and maintaining the intervention, program quality assurance, and staff training.