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immunization, immunization registries, informatics, performance measures



  1. Saarlas, Kristin N.
  2. Edwards, Kathleen (KC)
  3. Wild, Ellen
  4. Richmond, Patricia


Quantitative performance indicators were developed to monitor immunization registry progress of the 16 All Kids Count (AKC) grantees. Results were reviewed to determine if (1) the indicators measured immunization registry progress, (2) the results could be compared across AKC projects, and (3) other immunization registries could use the indicators. The study found that the AKC performance indicators provide a useful template for registries to measure their progress toward developing fully mature registries. Public health leaders should join with private health sector representatives to build on the immunization registry experience and develop and test performance indicators for integrated information systems in order to develop common goals and monitor changes in a comprehensive way.


The development, implementation, and evaluation of indicators for immunization registries were among the activities of the All Kids Count National Program Office funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, grant 029944.