culture, global education, international educational exchange, nursing education, public health nursing



  1. Falleiros de Mello, Debora PhD, RN
  2. Larcher Caliri, Maria Helena PhD, RN
  3. Villela Mamede, Fabiana PhD, RN
  4. Fernandes de Aguiar Tonetto, Eliana Maria RN
  5. Resop Reilly, Janet DNP, APNP-BC, RN


Understanding different cultures is important in the education of nursing students who will become the health care workforce of our future interdependent and globalized societies. International practicum courses help students and nurses understand different cultures. This article describes an innovative approach to nursing education and understanding diverse cultures, in the context of a hybrid course (online course coupled with face-to-face practicum experiences), which enrolled nursing students from opposite hemispheres.