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  1. Gorman, Geraldine PhD
  2. Singer, Rebecca M. ND
  3. Christmas, Erin MS
  4. Herbstritt, Catherine MS
  5. Miller, Layne MS
  6. Murphy, Mary MS
  7. Shannon, Cailan MS
  8. Wyss, Katrina MS


Conditions within jails and prisons are a public health crisis, necessitating critical reform measures. An innovative collaboration between a Midwestern College of Nursing and Cook County Department of Corrections provides students with the opportunity to develop health education for both those detained in the jail and the corrections officers. A phenomenological approach, recognizing the importance of intuitive and cognitive understanding, is offered as a framework for practice in complex environments. Principles of restorative justice provide a bridge between primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and the nursing practice possible within these institutions of incarceration and the communities to which people return.