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Welcome to the Journal of Infusion Nursing! As you can see by the new name and new design, we are marking a major change in the life of the Society. This past April, at our 28th Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition in Indianapolis, we officially changed our name to the Infusion Nurses Society. Though little will change in terms of the type and quality of services we offer, this new identity symbolizes our determination to keep pace with an ever-evolving healthcare world. It is a true representation of who we are, what we do, and the effect we have on the infusion community.


Appropriately, this issue also marks the beginning of INS' "New Year." In the proceedings from the 2001 Annual Meeting, we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the future with our continuing President, Brenda Dugger. Her Presidential Address introduces the theme for the coming year-Setting the Standard-which you will see reflected in the tagline of our dynamic new logo.


The Journal of Infusion Nursing will continue to offer high-quality articles on the latest infusion research and techniques. We draw on the expertise of a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals in our attempt to represent the true range of practice of the infusion nurse. Clinical reviews by specialists in other areas (in this issue, for instance, gastroenterology and critical care) help infusion nurses by enriching their understanding of one or more core content areas. The new mission statement (see the masthead at the front of the issue) is intended th clarify the Journal's purpose for readers and potential authors, perhaps inspiring some to write up a timely clinical observation or begin a new research study.


In addition, I would like to remind readers that we encourage collegial exchange. If you have a response to something you read here, send us letter and we will ensure that your words are heard by authors and readers. Opening up a wider discussion on infusion therapy practice concerns will only help to strengthen the specialty and ultimately improve patient care.


I hope you enjoy the new Journal. Here's to Setting the Standard for Infusion Care.